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Enjoy The Winter In Your Own Hot Tub

in Inspiration

When Winter temperatures chills you to the core, turn your yard, patio or sunroom into an oasis of warmth and light with an energy efficient Beachcomber Hot Tub from Art Knapps Surrey. After a long day, nothing beats watching the starry night sky from the soothing warmth of a hot tub with massage jets melting away your tension and stress. And if you like to listen to music while soaking, you’ll love the speaker-less stereo system, where the water in the tub amplifies the music.

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are hand-crafted locally here in Surrey BC. As a proud Canadian brand that values its role in the fabric of our community, their hot tubs are tailored for comfort, elegance and style. They offer industry-leading ergonomics for optimal comfort, great energy efficiency, and long lasting durability. Their hot tubs are ergonomically tailored to suit the curves of your body. And with proper care, you could enjoy all the benefits a Beachcomber hot tub offers for upwards of 30 years. Beachcomber hot tubs exclusive hybrid technology is government certified to out perform the spa industry by using 33% less energy, which saves you money all year long.

When you enjoy your hot tub during the winter you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in the hot steamy water to alleviate congested chest and sinus issues, AKS Hot Tub Winter Kids.jpgsooth sore achy muscles and joints, workout in the water with float weights and resistance stretch bands, socialize after a busy day with family, invite friends to a relaxing soak under the stars with your favorite musical selection, cuddle up to your better half and enjoy a therapeutic hydro-massage with some much needed rest and relaxation.  Remember that even though the temperature is cold, you still need to stay hydrated with plenty of fresh water while soaking, and if your hands are wet when you exit the hot tub, avoid touching metal screen door handles.

To save energy, use less spa chemicals and prevent damage to the mechanics of your hot tub in winter, it is best if you clear away snow from the hot tub top cover and stairs which protect the motor. The cover is not designed to hold the weight of heavy snow and ice. Inside the tub, use winter spa blankets to trap heat and maintain even temperatures.

Art Knapp Outdoor Living has a full line of water care offering free water quality analysis checks for the life of your hot tub. Simply bring in a sample of your hot tub water, and within minutes we can help you determine the perfect balance to keep the water safe, balanced, clean and clear. When you purchase your hot tub from our store, we offer our customers Free Filters for Life. Every hot tub comes with our quality guarantee, and you can try it before you buy it with our fully operational floor models. Bring a swim suit and a towel and try out the hydro therapy while our staff provide you with information about the 20 different models we offer.

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