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Enjoy Outdoor Living Year Round with Gazebos and Pergolas

in Tips and Tutorials

outdoor living.jpgGazebos and pergolas are among the most attractive items you can ever add to your outdoor living space. These additions not only enhance the look of your outdoor space, but they can also allow your family to increase the number months spent outdoors. If you're looking for an affordable, striking, and relatively quick way to transform your outside areas into spectacular outdoor living spaces, consider adding a gazebo or pergola! 

In our garden centre in Surrey we carry a full line of gazebos and pergolas perfect for every home. Pergolas and gazebos come in three basic style types: open-air; semi-enclosed; and fully enclosed. Whichever one you choose, your gazebo or pergola can be customised to meet your specifications and your expectations. 

Pergolas and gazebos are perfect for protecting your guests and family when out of doors. An open-air unit will let the warm breezes blow through, but will give you the added shade protection you're looking for. Semi-enclosed units give you the extra privacy you may need. Fully enclosed units are like having a second living room outdoors. 

To see the beauty of your garden realised in all its splendour, choose from one of our gazebo designs. Constructed of western red cedar, gazebos and pergolas are aromatic and designed to last. Insert privacy panels or keep it open to the stars - it's up to you! 

You've put a lot into your garden over time, right down to the colorful flowers and plants which you've grown from seed, with compost, garden soil, and maybe even a little fertilizer in Surrey.  Now, choose a high-quality, built-to-last gazebo or pergola for that perfect finishing touch. Colorful flowers, plants and nursery items all look so beautiful hanging from or perched along a pergola. 

See what our nursery in Surrey can offer you. Gazebos and pergolas are one of the best ways you can maximize your outdoor living space. 

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