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Do I Need to Water my Garden in Winter?

in Informational

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When we think of the end of summer and eventually fall in Surrey, we tend to think it’s the end of cutting our lawns, pruning our trees, and general Surrey gardening. Often, as the cold weather rolls in, our gardens become forgotten areas, waiting for the first signs of spring.

If there is one thing we can count on in Surrey throughout the winter, it is that it will rain. A lot of rain. This will create the idea that our plants, shrubs, and other garden features will be well hydrated, and content to wait out the winter months. However, this is not always true.

Do I need to water my garden in winter?

There is not a simple answer to this, but yes, you may need to water your garden in winter. Do not put those garden supplies and hoses away yet, as they could see some action throughout the cold months. There are some important signs to keep an eye out for.

Garden areas covered by overhangs

You may have a garden area covered by an overhang or other obstruction. This could mean that any plants in this area or not getting enough rain water falling on them. Well these are well watered with your soaker hose in the spring and summer, they may need a bit of watering during the winter months, especially if the rain water is blocked.

Browning Evergreens

Evergreens can be exceptionally needy, even throughout the winter months. Evergreens mostly continue their basic metabolic functions throughout the winter, meaning they continue to require water. If an evergreen is water deprived, they will suck away the water from their roots to their needles, slowly damaging themselves as they turn brown (called winter burn). If you see signs of browning, water those evergreens.

Well the need for watering your garden may not be as strong in winter as it is in the hot, dry, summer days, it is important that you do not fully neglect your gardens. Continue to keep those garden supplies, and hoses on hand and ready to go. Watch for signs of browning, but be proactive. Do not over water, but don’t wait until too late.

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