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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Do I need to empty my swimming pool during the winter months?

in Outdoor Living

swimming pool maintenance 1.jpeg

Anyone who has left a bucket of water out over the winter, only to see it crack when the water freezes, might have similar concerns about their pool this winter. It might seem sensible to empty your pool of water as temperatures drop. But as the risk of freezing increases, it is actually safer for your pool to be full of water. 

Small pools that can be dismantled, can be emptied and put away for the winter. But for permanent structures, leaving the water in protects the pool liner. Without water, pool liners dry out, shrink and crack. Plus there is a far greater risk of damage to the liner from debris falling into an empty pool.

With some easy swimming pool maintenance using Bioguard pool chemicals you will keep your pool and water healthy and protected through the winter months. As an added bonus, opening your pool back up in the spring will be quick and painless!

Bioguard overwintering pool products include:

  • Antifreeze with guaranteed burst protection to -45°C, and a corrosion inhibitor to protect plumbing and equipment.

  • Algicide to inhibit the growth of algae and keep the water clear and sparkling until spring

  • Cleaners to protect piping and equipment from scale and hard water deposits, as well as prevent stains caused by iron, copper and manganese.

  • Chemicals to oxidize and clarify pool water and provide anti-corrosion protection

Our water quality professionals are here to help you care for your pool throughout the winter. Give us a call to find out more about which Bioguard pool chemicals your pool needs today.

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