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Crocs Are Comfy But Are They Good for my Feet?

in Informational

The short answer is “it depends.”

They are certainly good for your feet in some circumstances, but not necessarily in all circumstances.

The people who may benefit from wearing crocs are the ones who have high arches or individuals who suffer from swelling of their ankles and legs. Crocs are okay for trips to the pool or beach, but should not be used for long distances. If you are going to walk with your crocs use them for short walks.

Crocs are considered to be a therapeutic shoe because they offer long-term relief of foot pain after surgery. Patients are encouraged to wear crocs after surgery especially when the feet have swollen. Diabetic patients are also encouraged to wear crocs during summer because they are more comfortable compared to diabetic shoes.

These kinds of shoes are also cooler to wear in a warm environment. Crocs should not be worn when playing sports or exercising. These shoes are not suitable for playing tennis, running, or hiking because they don’t have enough support.

Crocs are loose fitting by definition. That’s why they’re comfortable. Crocs give you ultimate comfort and space which make them a perfect fit for folks suffering from boils, bunions, verucas, warts, and other kinds of illnesses.

A large number of crocs are also made with antibacterial lining to fight infection for individuals with open wounds. We like crocs for gardening because they’re comfortable and easy to wash off. But no one could argue that crocs are ideal for every application.

Crocs are popularly known to be fresh and comfy but they are also probably not suitable for daily use. The main reason that you should not wear crocs every day is that these shoes do not secure the heel. When your heel is unstable, the toes can grip which can cause tendinitis. 

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If you have any questions about this article or want to talk to us about gardening, just give us a call at (604) 596-9201.

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