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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Creating the Perfect Flower Planters

in Tips and Tutorials

Flowers in pots are a lovely, colorful addition to any garden, patio, or porch. Flower planters brighten up a yard and add interest. The best flowers for your containers can be found in the garden plant section. There are two forms of plants, annuals and perennials.

Here at the Garden Centre in Surrey we will help you with everything that you need to know to get a jump on spring with beautiful flowers. First, choose your planters and pots. Different colors, shapes, and sizes lend interest to your planter garden, but be sure that you can handle moving them around.

An annual is full of colour and grows very quickly, and although these flowers will only live one season, if you choose right, they’ll bloom for the entire season. It’s important to find plants that will thrive in the areas you plan to put them. So let us help you choose the best plants for the light and temperature conditions that you have in mind.

If you want a plant that will bloom year after year, you want to choose perennials. They will give you years of pleasure, and most perennials will multiply in volume and blooms each year there in after.

colourful flower containers

So you’ve chosen your pots and now you are ready to compose beautiful containers by combining complementary colors like purple and orange or yellow and blue. You can also create a pot of soothing colors by combining related colors such as blues and pinks or reds and yellows.

Planters look best when they combine plants with different growing habits. Upright plants like Fuchsia or Phormium combined with fillers that tend to grow horizontally or in a weaving pattern like heliotrope, petunia, or impatiens laced with cascading plants like Helichrysum or Ipomea come together to create a stunning palate of complimentary colors and textures.

Your garden centre staff, should be able to help you select flower and foliage colors that delight you and offer you an opportunity to experiment with dramatic color combinations that you can always change with little trouble or expense.

Pots and planters present a marvelous opportunity to experiment with color combinations and textures that will last the entire season and for some planters, many years to come.

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