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Container Gardening Tips for Apartment Patios

in Tips and Tutorials

Container Gardening in Apartment Patios

With spring finally in full bloom, and summer just around the corner, homeowners everywhere are starting to pull out their gardening supplies to beautify their patios and yards. For those of us that live in condos or townhomes, our space may be lacking, but that shouldn’t limit the beautiful gardening that can be done when it comes to container gardening. Here are some great tips for gardening in containers:

The Container.
Realistically, anything that can hold soil and water could be used as a pot – so get creative! Typically, larger containers do better, but with proper care and attention a small container can work just fine – even a teapot could work as a pot (and could look really cute on a patio). Keep in mind that the smaller the container is, the more often it will need to be watered. Some small containers may need to be watered as often as twice per day, so if you’re looking for low maintenance it may be better to stick with larger pots. No matter what you do decide to use as a container, it is important to make sure that the container is clean before planting in it. Use an environmentally-friendly all-purpose cleaner to scrub the containers, then rinse and let dry.

Plan Ahead.
You will need to plan ahead to consider the types of plants you want to grow, plus the amount of sun and shade the area you will be growing in gets, whether or not you are able to move a pot to more favourable conditions if the plant is not thriving. Additionally, plan within the container itself. If you intend to plant multiple types of plants in one container, plan for the taller ones to be in the back and the shorter ones to be in the front, and make sure to keep plants together that prefer similar conditions (amount of water, sun, and type of soil).

Daily Care.
Water your containers regularly. You may need to water plants in containers more often than you would have to water plants in a garden, essentially whenever the area at the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. You should then water the container until it begins to drain out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the container. Be sure that your plants are in a good, light potting soil. For best results, keep the nutrient level in your containers maxed by fertilizing the container frequently.

If you want to grow big, beautiful flowers in containers, be sure to plan ahead and to be consistent on taking care of them throughout their life cycle. Water, soil, and fertilizer will all aid in creating a beautiful container garden for your condo patio.

And, of course, you can learn everything you always wanted to know about Gardening or Outdoor Living in Surrey & Vancouver with our wonderful video collection

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