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Comparing Different Types of Christmas Trees

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Comparing Different Types of Christmas Trees

There are different types of Christmas trees, and we’re going to go over for you some of the facts, advantages, and disadvantages of each type.

Artificial Christmas trees are very common. The advantages are that you can use the same tree every year, and they are usually pretty easy to put up. You don’t have to use a live tree which dies at the end of the holiday, and artificial trees do not require any upkeep or daily attention like a live trees does.

There are two types of artificial trees, the old-fashioned one, and the newer type with integrated lights. Some artificial trees are safer and are less likely to catch fire, but this is not true of all of them. Don’t assume your tree is safer without reading the packing carefully.


These are all the different types of artificial trees to which you have to add lights. Many people have these and like them because they are convenient if you already have tons of lights. These trees can last for years and are then packaged away at the end of the season

Integrated Lights

Some big box stores call these “pre-lit” Christmas trees. These trees have integrated lights, so you don’t have to add lights, although you certainly could if you wanted to. The big advantages of these is that you don’t have to have extra lights, and many of them, today, have LED lighting, which runs cooler, and is more energy efficient that the older types of lights.

Real Trees

Real Christmas trees are beautiful, and they smell heavenly. They are better for the environment because they do not have the same carbon footprint of artificial trees produced and shipped from a faraway location. They are biodegradable.

The disadvantages of a real tree are that they require upkeep and watering. And even with that daily attention they are a significant fire hazard. John Quevado, retired Battalion Commander from the New York City Fire Department, says that when they catch fire, they do so in a flash like a bomb went off.

So, whatever type of Christmas tree you have, we recommend that you treat it like the fire hazard it is, and never put any open-burning candles anywhere near it. Turn off the lights when you are not home, and water real trees regularly.

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