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Closing Your Pool For The Winter

in Outdoor Living

winter pool careWhile the weather in Surrey BC tends to be temperate and rainy, if you are a pool owner, you still need to close it down for the winter, and be prepared for potential freezing temperatures. You can never be sure if the weather will remain above freezing, so it is always better to play it safe, and winterize your pool. Great damage can happen to your filter system and pool plumbing by freezing water that expands. Additionally, by properly closing down your pool you can save yourself further work in the spring when you open it back up again.

Some things to note when closing your pool for the winter:

Clean out the pool - Use a pool vacuum to clean out any bugs debris and leaves out of the pool.

Balance the water chemistry - Using a water test kit, adjust the water to the recommended levels. The staff at Art Knapp Outdoor can recommend a winterizing kit for this purpose.

Drain water below the skimmer mouth - Lower the water below the mouth of the skimmer to get all water out of the ‘throat’ of the skimmer so as not cause any damage if there is freezing weather.

Blow out the pipes - You can blow the water out of the pipes using a shop vacuum. You will need to put a plug in the lines at the pool end after the water is purged from each line.

Clean the filter – Drain all water out of the filter equipment.

Add a floatation device - This will help in supporting your cover and also help keep the liner from "floating" if the winter is your rainy season.

Place a cover on the pool – Find a suitable cover to keep debris out of the pool over the winter.

At Art Knapp Outdoor Living, we can assist you with pool openings and closings, and winter maintenance if you choose to keep your pool open year round. We have a large selection of pool water care products and our staff is here to assist you.

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