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Bond with Your Family in Your Hot Tub

in Outdoor Living

family hottub activitiesWith so many distractions in our busy lives, it can become difficult to round up family members for family bonding time with everyone going in different directions. Kids, teens and parents can get away from their mobile devices and other electronics by making time for an evening of fun in your hot tub. The mild weather in Surrey and the Lower Mainland makes your hot tub a place where the family can congregate year round.

Hanging out together in your family hot tub means you will be providing face time to chat and discuss your day. Having that downtime to connect is as important as sitting around the dinner table. In today’s day and age, many families are not connecting around mealtime because kid and teen activities often interfere during the dinner hour. Having a dedicated place and time to spend time together as a family, can help foster communication as well as provide some relaxation.

Having a hot tub is also a draw to attract your kids and their friends to spend time at your home. As teenagers often want to be out of the house, inviting them to spend the evening in your beachcomber hot tub, means that they are staying close to home. There is nothing better than listening to giggling kids and teenagers in your backyard, enjoying the family hot tub. Why not be the family who’s house they want to commiserate at?!

At Art Knapp Outdoor Living, we encourage you to try before you buy – grab a swimsuit and towel and encourage the whole family to help take part in the decision making process of purchasing a hot tub. Our staff will be sure to help facilitate your decision-making and your kids and teenagers will be happy to participate in the process.

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