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Bioguard Off Season Products. How to Care for Your Pool in Winter

in Outdoor Living

As the temperatures in the Lower Mainland get chillier, the rains keep pouring, and the threat of snow gets stronger, anyone who has been enjoying their own pool needs to start thinking about winterizing their pool for spring. We’re assuming that you’re not planning on diving into the pool in the middle of January, so closing the pool is probably the best bet in this climate.

Rainy Season on the Pool

Winterizing your pool in Vancouver is critically important to ensure that your pool is ready for spring. The more care you give your pool right now, the better it’s going to look, and the easier it’s going to be to get ready next year.

Bioguard offers a number of hibernation products that take care of your pool and make it easier for you to ensure everything is running smoothly and you don’t end up with a huge algae growth covering the water. Here are a few things Bioguard’s products can do:
1.    Protect the surfaces and equipment
2.    Keep the water looking good
3.    Protect the equipment from freeze damage
4.    Eliminate the need for extra pool maintenance in the spring

As water sits and festers over the winter, with nothing to stop the development of algae and scaling, your pool can end up looking like a murky, green pond that’s ready for an infestation. But with something like Bioguard’s Hibernate Stain & Scale Inhibitor or Hibernate Algacide II, you can prevent these growths from happening and make sure your pool is clean and shiny.

Or maybe you’re worried that your spa in Surrey might freeze over as the temperatures drop. We’ve already seen some snow in November and there might be colder temperatures coming soon. Hibernate Premium Antifreeze would be the perfect solution to keep your water from turning to ice and damaging valuable equipment.

So come to Art Knapp in Surrey and we’ll show you the best Bioguard has to offer to make sure your pool is ready for the winter. An ounce of prevention will make spring brighter.

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