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A Few Tips On Wild Bird Seed

in Tips and Tutorials

A Few Tips On Wild Bird Seed

Each and every wild bird has their own favorite meals, but the popular sunflower seeds are known to be the favorite among seed-eaters. This is important information for people who may want to attract a variety of wild birds to their backyard feeders. This information also explains why sunflower seed is the major ingredient in most good wild bird seed mixes. There is a wide variety of wild bird seed mixes to choose from for bird feeding, but most mixes are not a favorite among wild birds.


Read the Label

The first tip would be to check the label. Smart shoppers usually check the label when they buying food for their families these days. Labels should also be checked when buying seed mixes as well. If you want to attract a variety of wild birds to your feeders, stay away from wild bird mixes that contain oats, cereals and/or “mixed grains.” Most wild birds dislike these ingredients.

Avoid Fillers

Another tip is to avoid fillers such as the mixed grains. Some bird seed mixes contain “filler” seeds, which add weight to the bag, but usually end up in a pile under your bird feeder because birds know what they like, and simply put, it’s not “fillers.” Birds often sweep their bills through their seed and dump the ones they don’t want or they dislike on to the ground. Even ground -feeders may even ignore the spilled seed unless you have one of our hens to do the cleanup work.

Attract Fiches

Finch bird feeders are a remarkable way of luring finches to your garden. These feeders can get the seed-eating birds right onto your porch, if you want. You can choose from a wide array of finch bird feeders. Many bird feeders are specially designed to meet the requirements of a specific type of bird. Finches will definitely benefit from this type of bird feeder.

Try a Suet Feeder

A suet feeder is typically a metal cage-like construction with a plastic coating that contains a cake or block of suet to feed woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches, and many other species of insect eaters. Suet is high in fat which helps to keep birds warm and nourished during the cold winter.

Come and visit us at Art Knapp Surrey Garden Centre and pick up some of our wild bird seed for your backyard visitors today.

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