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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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A Few of The Benefits of Self Storage


ArtKnapp.jpgUsing shipping containers as self-storage modules is not a new concept, but is recently gaining ground especially as real estate is becoming pricier and pricier. Shipping container storage has a number of benefits, such as price, durability, and safety.

Making a storage space out of a shipping container is a great, cost-effective option for self-storage. Traditional storage facilities, with rooms divided into storage units can end up being quite pricey when things such as maintenance of the building and units are brought into consideration. A shipping container is a small investment, and comes ready to use for storage.

The durability of a shipping container makes them a great option for storing things outdoors. Because they are built to withstand external forces, they can resist strong impacts and protect what is inside them. This includes both weather forces, and potential trauma. The containers are made out of a high-strength weathering steel, and are coated with a finish that fights corrosion and the elements. Containers are considerably secure considering their construction and durability – the solid nature of their build provides peace of mind from break-ins and tampering as well as protection from the elements.

Because of their size and build, the containers can be stacked together to make more use of the land the containers are on. Some people may choose to add stairs or ladders to be able to conveniently access each stacked unit.

Another thing to consider is that shipping containers are highly resalable, and they do not lose value barring any damage. There is a healthy market for used shipping containers for use as storage or a variety of other uses.

Because of the cost and durability of used shipping containers, they are quickly becoming a popular option for people who want take some of their self-storage into their own hands – either by renting or purchasing the containers. They provide a safe and durable alternative to traditional storage facilities. 

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