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5 tips for Covid safety in the hot tub

in Outdoor Living

Hot tub, jacuzzi.jpeg

Catching and/or spreading the Covid virus continues to be a cause for concern, especially considering how easily transmissible this new Omicron variant is. But you can still enjoy your hot tub or jacuzzi, following the latest guidelines for BC and these 5 tips.

  1. Treat your water. Last year, the CDC released this statement: CDC is not aware of any scientific reports of the virus that causes COVID-19 spreading to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, water playgrounds, or other treated aquatic venues.” The virus cannot live in water that has been properly treated with chlorine and bromine so it’s important to maintain your water. Bring us a water sample anytime and we can tell you what you need.

  2. Keep it small. Although there are no limits for personal outdoor gatherings, try to keep the number of people small and stick to the same group. If your hot tub or jacuzzi is indoors, adults need to be vaccinated and visitors are limited to 10, or 1 other household. Increase ventilation by opening a window.

  3. Maintain distance. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others (about the length of a pool noodle). Depending on the size of your hot tub, it may mean only one, two, or a few soaking at a time.
  4. Wear a mask. The virus spreads by water droplets in our breath so it’s important to wear a mast to limit the spread. Wet masks are not effective so ensure it stays dry and have everyone bring a spare in case one gets wet. 
  5. Enjoy it alone if you feel unwell. If you don’t feel well, you can still enjoy your hot tub but all to yourself. Just remember to follow regular safety rules for hot tub use.

We hope these tips help you to continue to enjoy your hot tubs and jacuzzis well into the New Year. Take care, and stay safe!

Art Knapp offers free hot tub and jacuzzi water testing. Bring us a sample to test for balance. We’ll let you know what your water needs to be safe. 604-596-9201

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