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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tree For Your Yard

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Trees are one of the best ways to add life to and spruce up an outdoor space. When you think of the word “tree”, you might visualize a certain image of a tree. However, there is such a wide and diverse range of different types of trees actually available. This can make choosing the right trees for your yard a difficult decision. These 5 tips should help make this easier.

Tip #1 - Do you want shade?

A tree is a great way to block out the sun and provide shade on a hot day. If you are looking for a tree that provides shade, look for a broad-leafed deciduous tree, that grows tall enough to walk under the branches. Great shade choices include maples, sycamores, elm, beech or ash.

Tip #2 - Do you want fruit?

Fruit trees are a great choice for a yard. They not only look great, but can provide tasty fruit! The downside to these trees is that they do require more pruning and attention than other trees, and can attract more pests or critters (especially if you do not pick the fruit in time). Great choices include Apple, pear and plum trees.

Tip #3 - Size

Another important consideration is to think about the size of tree that your yard can manage. You do not want to be putting a large pine tree in a smaller space. When considering size, you should consider the height that the tree will grow to, as well as the width. Be mindful of overhead obstacles, such as power lines. Think about how far the branches will have to spread out at specific heights.

Tip #4 - Privacy

Another tip when choosing a tree is to consider how much privacy, if any, you want it to provide. If you are looking to add a great deal of privacy, perhaps you want to go with some cedar hedges, or even yew trees. A large, full grown willow tree can also provide some privacy, though not as dense as cedar hedges. Of course, if you want to leave the space open, choose a tree that does not grow as dense.

Tip #5 - Water and Sunlight

The last tip for choosing a tree is to consider your water and sunlight access. If your yard is shaded by tall buildings or other obstacle, and has low sunlight, make sure you choose a tree that does fine in dense shade. Also, consider whether you will be able to give the tree lots of water while it is establishing, especially during the summer months. Some trees are heavier drinkers than others.

These tips should help you narrow down your parameters for the perfect tree. One bonus tip for choosing your Surrey tree is to get out and take a look at the options! Who knows, there might be a tree that you fall in love with.

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