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outdoor living
So Much More Than Plants

Patio heaters

Northwest Stove’s Ambiance Outdoor Fire Feature is an eye catching, nearly hypnotic centre-piece that’s not merely decorative, but also an adjustable and clean burning source of outdoor heat. With spring and summer fire bans quickly becoming the norm in British Columbia, these gas fires offer a safe, practical alternative with the same mezmerizing effects as a traditional wood fire.

The Ambiance Outdoor Fire Feature was designed with a 4” diameter commercial grade borosilicate glass quartz tube and ceramic burner (running on 42,000 BTU’s) named the Ambi-Fire. Panels are available in either stainless steel or antique bronze and side supports are made from extruded aluminum.

While the Ambiance Mini Tabletop Fire Feature is a 34” scaled down version of its freestanding cousin, it still boasts all of the same ambient features (including the patented Ambi-Fire), in a more compact package. Running on a standard 16 oz. propane cylinder, the Ambiance Mini Tabletop is a self contained unit that will run effortlessly for 2 1/2 hours on high.

Other features include a tip switch, which automatically turns the unit off if it’s knocked over, and sturdy stainless steel side panels. The Ambiance Mini Tabletip also comes 95-percent assembled, making it an easy transition from box to patio table centrepiece.

Art Knapp, Surrey, also carries the full line of Northwest’s Infratech dual and single element, and slim line, electric heaters. These energy efficient, low profile heaters are available in 1,500 to 4,000 watt units and can be mounted to a wall or recessed into your ceiling (particularly convenient when clearance is an issue). Infratech heaters are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Read on for some useful tips on outdoor living in winter for Vancouver & Surrey residents

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