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outdoor living
So Much More Than Plants

Fire Pits

There’s no more convenient and eye catching way to light and heat your outdoor living space than with a natural gas or propane fire pit. Whether you’re equipping the balcony on your condo or the patio or deck adjoining your home, we have the model to suit your outdoor heating and ambient needs.

Art Knapp, Surrey, carries a wide selection of decorative and practical fire pits to suit every type of patio / backyard decor, including:

American Fyre Designs

American Fyre Designs - Amphora Fire Urn

Amphora Fire UrnDesigned in a classic Grecian style, the Amphora Fire Urn is eye catching on its own, as   a way to highlight another outdoor feature, or in multiples along the edge of a garden path or patio. These fire urns are available in four colors (Canyon, Villa, Silverado, and Tuscan Slate) and four different heavy textures (Cafe Blanco, Sedona, Black Lava, and Smoke), and are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. The Amphora is designed with a removable door, so the 5 gallon propane tank is always hidden. It’s fully adjustable to suit your needs, offering maximum flexibility when dining or entertaining. They are available in propane (50,000 BTU’s) and natural gas (60,000 BTU’s). Dimensions: 22” dia X 29” high.

American Fyre Designs - Fire Bowl

These top sellers are popular because of their simplicity and versatility. American Fyre Designs Fire Bowls (available in 32”, 36” and 48” diameters) can be incorporated into almost any outdoor setting. They have a contemporary style that suits a variety of uses, and are suitable for, but not limited to, small outdoor spaces. They’re handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (durable in any climate) and they come in four heavy texture colors (Cafe Blanco, Sedona, Black Lava, and Smoke). Fire Bowls are also slightly elevated off the ground by a riser. Fuel options include Natural Gas (65,000 BTU’s) and Propane (60,000 BTU’s). They can be complemented with a wide variety of eye catching stones, nuggets, glass, gems, and logs, also available at Art Knapp Outdoor Living.

American Fyre Designs - Versailles Fire Bowl

Versailles Fire BowlThese contemporary ball-footed fire bowls are popular for their reduced profile, wide opening, and versatility. Perfect for outdoor settings where space is an issue, but still a viable options for larger patios and outdoor areas, the Versailles Fire Bowl is designed to fit in with a wide range of decor. Its flame can be adjusted to your comfort level and can be fueled by either Natural Gas (65,000 BTU’s) or Propane (60,000 BTU’s).

It’s also durable, withstanding any climate with its glass fiber reinforced concrete exterior and optional, propane tank housing pedestal. The Versailles Ball Footed Fire Bowl is available in two diameters ( 32” and 48”) and four heavy texture colors (Cafe Blanco, Sedona, Black Lava, and Smoke).

RH Peterson Campfyre:

RH Peterson CampfyreHave a realistic, customizable, camp fire without worrying about burn bans and fire restrictions. With wood fire restrictions becoming more common and longer in duration, RH Peterson’s natural gas and propane Real Fyre outdoor camp Fyres, offer a well designed, convenient and flexible option for backyard, patio, and outdoor entertaining.

These eye catching outdoor fire features are highly customizable and can be finished with your choice of realistic logs and branches, lava coals, volcanic stones, or a wide range of contemporary Fyre Glass and Fire Gems (very popular for their mesmerizing and stylish look) all available at Art Knapp Outdoor Living. Available in 70,000 - 120,000 BTU stainless steel burners (natural gas or propane) with flame sensor safety control system and electronic ignition, the RH Peterson Campfyre is adjustable to any dining or entertaining situation. Remote control is even available on some models. Let Art Knapp’s Outdoor Living help you take your outdoor comfort and living experience to the next level with one of the best outdoor fire features on the market.

Marquis - Bola Fire Bowl:

Marquis - Bola Fire BowlThough it looks great in any outdoor space, the Bola Fire Bowl was designed to be the perfect fire feature for wood decks and patios. All you need is 24” of clearance on the side walls and seven feet of clearance from the top of the fire bowl to a ceiling. It’s also available in both natural gas or propane (65,000 BTU’s). At a space saving 14” tall and 30” diameter, the Bola Fire Bowl is perfect in more diminutive outdoor entertaining areas.

To finish the Bola Fire Bowl’s effect, a variety of decorative ember glass is available, including eye catching Cobalt, Bronze, White, Black, and Glacier Ice, as well as classic decorative stone options. It’s also available in two colors: black and smooth grey, and can come with an optional cover. See the staff at Art Knapp’s Outdoor Living to get a fuller understanding of how this fire bowl can add a touch of warmth and vitality to your outdoor entertaining areas.

The Outland Firebowl:

outland-fire-bowl.jpgStylish, dependable, portability is the name of the game with the Outland Firebowl. You can take it wherever you want to increase your comfort level and reduce the workload (and smoke) that comes with traditional wood fires. The Outland Firebowl is a popular option for campers, recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiasts, and cottage or cabin owners, though it’s just as convenient for backyard and patio use. Most campfire bans do not include propane fueled Firebowls. They’re safe and easy to use, and light and easy to transport. The Firebowl’s adjustable flame burns completely clean (58,000 BTU burner), and it is designed with a all weather rock set, and powder coat finish on high quality steel. The 24” diameter Outland Firebowl comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Get ready for long, no hassle, nights by the fire, even when wood fire enthusiasts are in the dark.

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