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Why we Love Sitting By a Fire Pit

in Outdoor Living

Is there anything better than sitting outside on a beautiful summer evening, basking in the glow of a fire, chatting with friends and family as the flames flicker in front of you?

Whether it’s a fire at a campsite or a fire pit in the backyard of your home, people love sitting beside an open fire. People from every part of Vancouver, from Surrey to West Van, all agree on this one experience that seems to speak to everyone.

Everyone loves sitting by a fire pit.

Sitting by the Fire Pit

The question is – why?

In 2014, a researcher at the University of Alabama answered this question. He and his team studied people who sat in front of a fire to gauge their reactions. The subjects’ blood pressure went down and the shared experience of sitting in front of a fire made them feel relaxed.

Fire has always been part of the human experience. Humans have relied on fire for food, heat, and protection. One could argue that a love and respect for fire is hardwired into our DNA because it’s something that we’ve needed and relied on since the dawn of man. Early humans needed fire to be able to eat their food, keep animals and insects away, see in dark places, and keep them warm on a winter’s night. Fire, for most of human history, as always made us feel better.

The same is true for modern humans as well, even though we don’t need fire for most of the things listed above. But there’s something about the heat, the colours, the smells, and the sounds that make everyone feel safer and happier.

Sitting around a fire also stimulates conversation. Are you having trouble talking with your surly teenager? Sit around a fire pit and watch as you both start talking.

Installing an outdoor fire pit might just be the easiest way to improve your quality of life and control your blood pressure. So come down to Art Knapp and see what fire pits we have for you.

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