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Why Is Periodic Hot Tub Water Testing Needed?

in Outdoor Living

Periodic Hot Tub Water Testing

As a hot tub owner, it is extremely important that you keep everything in optimum condition. This not only includes maintenance of the hot tub itself, but also of the water. Periodic hot tub water testing is extremely important to not only the health of your tub, but to its users as well.

Dangerous Pathogens

Hot tubs, left unchecked, provide perfect conditions for a number of potentially dangerous pathogens. These bacteria and germs can make you sick if you come into contact with them. This includes pathogens like Legionella, which can cause legionnaires disease, Pseudomonas, which can lead to a number of infections such as skin rashes, ear and eye infections, and even pneumonia. Other Pathogens including Norovirus, Rotavirus and Cryptosporidium are also possible contaminants in hot tub water.

Periodic Water Testing and Bioguard

Do not feel you need to rush out and get rid of your hot tub! There are ways to ensure that your water is completely safe. A reputable hot tub center, such as Art Knapp’s Outdoor Living Center, will be able to provide a comprehensive water analysis if you bring in a sample of your water. Once tested, an experienced water care professional will be able to make recommendations on which water care products will be required to ensure your water is safe.

Bioguard Pool Water Care Products

Bioguard offers a range of water care products that will ensure that not only are dangerous pathogens eliminated, but other important water care needs such as algae reduction, pH balancing, and scale removing are properly handled.

If your hot tub has been sitting, or it has been awhile since you last tested and treated your water, make sure you have it tested before your next soak. It is an important step in making sure that you are protecting yourself, and other users. As a hot tub owner, this is your responsibility, and Art Knapp Outdoor Living Center is here to make it simple for you.

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