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Which Christmas Tree Variety is Best for Me?


Which Christmas Tree Variety is Best for Me?

First year buying a live Christmas tree? Choosing the right tree can be tough, with so many options available. Why are some more expensive than others? Which one will be best for my space? We're here to help. Here's the run-down on each variety.

Douglas FirNoble FirGrand FirNordmann FirFraser FirFlocked

Tips for First-Time Live Tree Owners:

- Be sure to make a fresh cut on the stump of the tree to ensure the tree can absorb tons of water. When this is done, any sap barrier that may have formed is chopped off. We will gladly make this cut for you before wrapping your tree in netting for transport and loading it for you! 

- Use warm water to prevent any sap on the stump from hardening and stopping the tree from being able to absorb the water.

- Use a preservative to keep the tree green and to help with needle retention.

- Use a tree bag to help contain fallen needles. When the time comes to remove the tree from your house, just pull the bag back up over the tree and tie it up. This helps keep the mess down when transporting it through the house.

- Keep your tree away from radiators and fireplaces. Not only will the heat from these sources dry your tree out, but it is a huge fire hazard!

Still can't decide which tree is the best fit for you? Come on down, grab a cup of our hot apple cider, and chat with our knowledgable nursery staff. And dont forget to browse our huge Christmas section pick up a special ornament on your way out!

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