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What Should I Look For When Choosing a Charcoal Grill?

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor Living (1).jpeg

If you have never owned a charcoal grill, or not looked to purchase one for awhile, choosing a new grill can be a tough decision. There are a lot of things to consider, and factors that go into making a good, well-educated decision. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a charcoal grill.

Size of the grill - What will you be cooking?

First and foremost, a charcoal grill is for cooking. So what will you cook? Are you sticking with the typical hamburgers, hotdogs, steak and chicken, or will you be making a whole turkey, or want to smoke some ribs? What about side items? How many people will you be cooking for?

A larger grill takes more charcoal to heat up and is wasteful if you only ever cook a couple small burgers at a time. However, if you are always cooking for large gatherings or a big family, and like to do the entire meal on the grill, make sure you choose a larger grill.

How is it cleaned?

Choose a charcoal grill that is easy to clean. You don’t want a grill that requires being turned over to clean it out. Choose a grill that has some way to quickly and easily clean it out.

Look at Durability

It is also to look for a charcoal grill that is made tough, and made to last. Charcoal grills are an investment, and it should last more than one season. Choose a grill that is durable. Ceramic grills are a great choice, as they don’t rust or wear like traditional steel. Make sure it is thick material. Also, look for high quality stainless or cast iron cooking grates.

Cooking with charcoal gives a flavour that is tough to beat. Primo charcoal grills are a great option that tick all of the boxes, and are available in a range of sizes. Check them out at Art Knapp today.

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