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What is the best way to control algae growth in my pool?

in Outdoor Living

One of the critical parts of pool maintenance is doing everything necessary to prevent algae blooms from ruining the beautiful water. An owner can do many things for algae control and here is a short list that should help with your pool water care.

Check that your circulation system is running properly
Regularly check and clean your filtration systems and strainer baskets. Clean the skimmer as well. In the months when the pool is being used more often, run the pump and filter between 6 and 8 hours per day, more if the pool is being used more.

Maintain your sanitizers
When the chlorine or salt levels drop, the chance of algae development increases. Spores can grow quickly and cling to the walls of the pool.

Algae-filled pool

Routine brushing (with the right brush)
The right brush gets into the surfaces of the pool, removing any algae growth there, but won’t do any damage. Using a wire brush on a vinyl pool can cause tremendous damage.

Vacuum as well
Brushing isn’t enough – vacuuming your pool is a great follow up after brushing everything. A good vacuum can help you remove almost everything that’s unwanted in your pool.

Use BioGuard Algae control products
BioGuard water care products are an excellent way to eliminate algae growth and take care of your pool. For prevention, Art Knapp carries Banish, which is BioGuard’s best preventative algaecide and Poly-Gard, which is recommended for pools with spas and fountains. If algae are already appearing in your pool, Erase is the perfect way to kill all kinds of algae.

Caring for the water in your pool can be a daunting chore, but with Art Knapp’s help and BioGuard’s water care products, it can be much easier than you may imagine. Come and talk to the friendly staff in Surrey and we’ll help you keep your pool clean and safe.

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