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What are the best vegetables to plant in fall?

in Informational

90-winter vegetable garden.jpeg

As the warmth of summer fades many of us are enjoying the harvest of our summer crops. But gardening doesn’t have to end there. One of the best things about our west coast climate is the ability to grow vegetables in the fall. Some plants thrive in cooler temperatures, and some even benefit from frost, becoming sweeter and better-tasting.  Here we list some of the best vegetables you can plant and enjoy in the coming months.

Garlic--likes a cool soil so it’s best sown in late September to mid-October. A fertilizer high in nitrogen works best for these plants.

Beets, radishes and turnips--root vegetables are perfect for fall planting. A moderate fertilizer works well. Potassium and phosphorus encourage strong, healthy roots. Avoid anything with high nitrogen as that promotes leaf growth rather than root growth.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage--these plants come to maturity in cooler weather. Cabbage gets better-tasting after a few light frosts. Plant in full sun, with well-draining soil, rich in organic material.

Lettuce, arugula, mustard, swiss chard, kale and spinach--cool-season leafy greens will provide you with tasty and nutrient-rich leaves all fall long and some into winter. Apply a well-balanced fertilizer for optimal growth.

Art Knapp is your one-stop location for gardening. We’re happy to provide you with a variety of the best plants, fertilizers, and expert advice you need to plan your fall vegetable garden. Come in and see us today.

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