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Planning the perfect Hot Tub party

in Outdoor Living

Hot tub party.jpg

Plan the perfect hot tub party this summer. It’s easy when you keep these few tips in mind!


Ensure your water is balanced. This is important to keep you and your guests healthy and to prevent damage to your jacuzzi. If you haven’t done a seasonal drain of your tub yet, now would be a great time. As the date for your party draws nearer, test your water the day before to make sure it is crystal clear and ready.


There are a few things you can use to make sure the environment is appropriately comfortable for your guests. This includes having a rack with extra towels, robes and flip flops available for guests that need to go into the house or take a break from the spa. A gazebo offers a place for guests to lounge out of the sun. Tables and chairs will help guests stay comfortable outside of the hot tub and will provide a place to put food, plates, glasses, games and personal items.

Food and drinks

Finger foods and light, non-messy foods are best for this kind of party. Firing up the grill is the perfect accompaniment. If you plan on serving alcohol be aware that soaking in hot water is dehydrating and can accelerate inebriation. Have plenty of ice-water and non-alcoholic beverages available.

Use plastic or acrylic cups around your hot tub to avoid glass. All it takes is one accident and broken glass in your jacuzzi to derail the party.


What’s a party without music and games? Some hot tubs come with Bluetooth, bringing music to your fingertips. Alternatively, waterproof speakers are a good choice. Some games and playing cards come waterproofed as well, so getting them wet is not a concern.

If you dream of having hot tub parties but don’t have a hot tub yet–or if you do but want to be able to invite more people, consider purchasing, or upgrading to a larger tub. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra space and quicker rotations to enjoy the jacuzzi.

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