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Art Knapp

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Picture this spring in your new Gazebo

in Outdoor Living

gazebo (1).jpg

After a long winter of covid restrictions on social gatherings, the good news on the horizon is they’re about to be relaxed. It’s extra exciting to note that the anticipated return to social activities lines up nicely with the imminent arrival of nicer weather! 

What better way to proudly host these first get-togethers than in your own brand new gazebo. This beautiful addition to your yard will let you enjoy the sun and fresh air while keeping you protected from the elements. It’s a charming way to welcome back your friends and family, allowing you to catch up in style. Even if the new guidelines still recommend social distancing for the time being, there’s plenty of room to spread out while you socialize.

We carry the full line of BC-made Visscher Gazebos and Pergolas, with your choice of open-air, semi-enclosed, or fully enclosed models. Each of these is customizable with a number of great features, including:

  • High grade, SPF wood construction that undergoes Visscher double coated paint process (so that all material is treated to last).

  • Durable and stylish metal, polyethylene or western red cedar roofs.

  • Extra-large aluminum bi-fold windows (made with tempered glass and installed on roller wheels to allow you to open and close them with ease), or extra-large hinged vinyl windows, and feature walls (with glass transom windows).

  • Western red cedar structure (naturally aromatic and highly decay resistant).

  • Double or single locking doors.

  • Adjustable louvered privacy panels or UV resistant privacy drapes.

  • Decorative Corbels (solid wood accents that add support and a touch of class).

  • Many styles and sizes of UV resistant skylights.

  • Insect screens.

  • Lattice privacy panels.

  • Bar kits.

Feature a gazebo in your outdoor living space this spring and summer and you’ll see why they’re so popular.

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