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Mapping Out Your Home for a New Hot Tub Or Swim Spa

in Outdoor Living

Custom Spas and Hot TubsCreating a backyard getaway is the perfect way to bring your family together in the summer months, and all year round with the mild weather of Vancouver & the Lower Mainland. A home hot tub can combine health and comfort benefits as well as entertainment and swimming needs for every member of your family. As the summer season quickly approaches, it may be the right time to allocate some of your summer vacation budget for a new hot tub for your home.

With a customized space, you can combine outdoor elements such as a deck or stone patio with your new swim spa or hot tub. While most swim spas come with many special features, the staff at Art Knapp in Surrey can work with you to ensure that your space is measured to appropriately contain your new hot tub.

When mapping out your space, these are some notes to consider:

Taking advantage of a view.
Think of your vantage point when considering placement of your swim spa or hot tub. Do you have gorgeous trees or mountains that an elevated spa would benefit from? Or a spa nestled in a more private spot may shield you from neighbouring views.

Choosing materials that work in your space.
Natural materials like stone, wood, and concrete and tile can create beautiful surrounds for your hot tub or swim spa. Consider your landscape and ease of maintenance when choosing your surrounding materials.

Creating access to your indoor spaces.
Creating access to your indoor spaces, or transitioning from your pool to hot tub are things to consider when mapping out a space for your swim spa. Adding stepping stones, steps or even providing space for an in ground hot tub, may make your space more accessible.

Adding unique elements.
Lighting, falling water or adding a firepit nearby are unique elements that can be a part of the complete vision to create your ultimate home hot tub retreat.

Visit the Outdoor Living department at Art Knapp in Surrey. Our staff will work with you to find the hot tub or swim spa that suits your family’s needs and assist you in mapping out your home.

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