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How do I keep leaves out of my pool, hot tub or spa?

in Outdoor Living


It’s that time of year again when falling leaves start to gather in pools, hot tubs and spas. Even if you don’t have any nearby trees on your property, the strong winds that blow through the coast will bring plenty of leaves and other debris to you. Not only do leaves present a clogging hazard that will damage your equipment, they provide nutrients for algae growth and cause staining on surfaces, steps and ladders. If enough of them accumulate in your pool, spa or hot tub, they will mess up the chemical balance of the water.

So it’s really important to keep leaves out of your water. Of course the best, and most obvious solution is to use a cover to keep leaves, twigs and dirt out. Here are a few more tips we recommend.

  • Install a gazebo or fix a canopy over your hot tub or spa.

  • Prune surrounding trees and rake leaves often.

  • Whenever you find even a few leaves in the water, pick them out right away.

  • Skim the surface of your water regularly and use a pool vacuum or spa vacuum to remove anything that has sunk to the bottom.

  • Check and clean the skimmer basket a couple of times a week during the fall. 

The effort you put in this fall to keep leaves out of your pool, hot tub or spa means cheaper maintenance costs overall and a faster, easier return to regular use when the weather warms again. We’re always here to help with tools, equipment and expert advice for all your hot tub, spa and pool cleaning needs.

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