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Enhancing a Stylish Outdoor Space with a High-Quality Umbrella

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor (3).jpg

The heat of the summer sun is quickly approaching. This summer, an essential addition to your outdoor space and patio furniture should be that of a high-quality umbrella.

Outdoor umbrellas provide shade and protection from the sun. Many uncovered outdoor spaces are not utilized during the hot summer months because of lack of shade and sun protection. A high quality outdoor umbrella such as a Frankford umbrella can alleviate this fear, making your space more tempting on those hot summer days.

When choosing an umbrella, there are a few considerations.

Consider the Base

Outdoor umbrellas are usually available with different materials for the base. These options range from aluminum and steel, to heavy resin concrete basis. Properly securing your umbrella is critical to make sure it serves you for years to come, so make sure you choose an umbrella with a sturdy base.


Umbrellas are functional, but also will make up part of the aesthetic of your outdoor space. You will want to choose a colour or design that goes well with the decor that is already in place. White umbrellas are a timeless classic that fit almost any location. For those more bold, maybe consider a bright yellow or even turquoise umbrella colour.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing an umbrella is the size. You will want to ensure that the umbrella provides shade to the entire area, but is not too big so that it does not take over. A 6’ umbrella is perfect for covering a small table with a couple chairs, but consider a 10’ or 13’ width umbrella to cover a large table or sitting area. You may even choose two smaller umbrellas.

For high quality outdoor umbrellas, you can not go wrong with choosing a Frankford Umbrella for Art Knapp this summer.

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