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Can I use a hot tub in summer?

in Outdoor Living

jacuzzi hot tub.jpeg

Ahhh, the pleasure of sliding into the steaming, bubbling water of a jacuzzi hot tub in the winter. It is one of life's great joys. We’re long past winter now but as summer arrives this month do you have to say goodbye to your hot tub and all its benefits? No way! Today we’ll discuss ways to enjoy your hot tub all summer long.


Can I use a hot tub in summer?


The answer is a resounding yes!  The weather here on the west coast is often cooler in the mornings and evenings even in the summer months. These are perfect times for using in your hot tub. Begin your morning with an invigorating water massage to wake you up and get you feeling ready to tackle the work day. End the day with a soothing soak to wash away all your stress and tension and prepare for sleep. 

As the summer peaks and the days become hot there’s no need to suffer in the heat. You can continue to enjoy your hot tub by turning down the temperature, or turning the heater off altogether. This creates an ideal water temperature for a sweltering day. If you want to avoid the direct sun, create a summer oasis by erecting a patio umbrella to shade the tub area.

Don’t let a little summer rain stop you from using your hot tub. Many people like the extra sensation and find it fun and relaxing. And finally, to keep the water refreshing, cover your tub when not in use to keep the sun’s rays from heating it up.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your jacuzzi hot tub this summer!

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