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5 tips for a new Jacuzzi hot tub deck

in Outdoor Living

Whether you have some ideas already, or are starting from scratch, planning for a new Jacuzzi hot tub deck is fun and exciting. Because a Jacuzzi adds additional elements to a design, there will be a few extra things to consider, including weight, aesthetics, and location. In this blog, we’ll go over 5 tips for your new Jacuzzi hot tub deck, to help you make the most of it.

  1. Structural support. Hot tubs are heavy. The deck needs to be able to support the combined weight of the hot tub, water, and the soakers. The ideal foundation for hot tubs is a flat, level concrete surface.
  2. Location. The best place to build a hot tub deck is close to the house. The closer it is, the more you’ll be inspired to use it, especially as the days get colder. Avoid the corners of your house, as those tend to be more windy (unless you also plan a shelter with it). Consider the movement of sun and shade across any proposed areas.
  3. Aesthetics. Ideally you’ll want a nice view of your yard, landscaping, or surrounding scenery. You may want privacy from your neighbours view too, if it can be managed.
  4. Electrical access and maintenance. Your Jacuzzi will need to be accessed from time to time, for covering and uncovering, cleaning, and maintenance. So be sure there is plenty of room around it. Build in removable deck panels if the tub is sunk into the deck.
  5. Hire professionals. To ensure the work meets municipal building codes and is designed to be safe and sound, hire professionals. From pouring a stable foundation, to wiring for electricity, all aspects of your deck should be engineered for maximum safety and comfort.

Art Knapp has a huge showroom highlighting the world’s most advanced and energy efficient Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. Come see us, or give us a call at 604-596-9201.

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