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5 things you MUST have to take care of your Jacuzzi hot tub

in Outdoor Living

Testing hot tub PH and Chlorine.jpeg

Keeping your Jacuzzi hot tub in peak condition is easy with regular care. One of the biggest areas of care has to do with the water itself. Basic water maintenance should be performed a few times a week to ensure the water is clean and safe for the hot tub and the people using it. You’ll need some test strips and water care products like balancers, sanitizers, and clarifiers. Add a cover on top for protection and you’re all set!

5 must-haves when caring for your Jacuzzi hot tub

  1. Test strips: There are a variety of ways to test your water–including bringing us a sample to test for free. Test strips are a quick and easy way to check for levels of ph, alkalinity and sanitizers.

  2. Water Balancers: In order to have healthy, clean water that doesn’t damage your hot tub (due to corrosion or scaling) or make it uncomfortable for soakers, the water must be balanced for total alkalinity, ph and calcium hardness. Balanced water also allows your sanitizers to work better.

  3. Water Sanitizers: Sanitizers purify the water by killing bacteria (including coronavirus). BioGuard spa sanitiser also acts as an oxiders which removes the smell of chlorine and makes the water feel nice for bathers.

  4. Clarifiers & Defoamers: Water clarifiers help clear up cloudy water and defoamers eliminate foaming which is usually caused by oils and lotions brought in on bathers’ skin.

  5. Hot tub cover: A cover not only slows evaporation and reduces heating costs, it also helps keep your Jacuzzi clean by preventing dirt, debris and leaves from contaminating the water.

Looking after your Jacuzzi hot tub water can seem complex, but BioGuard water care products make it simple and straightforward.

Art Knapp carries a full range of BioGuard water care products to keep your Jacuzzi hot tub in optimal condition. Start with a free water analysis when you visit us today.  We are located at 4391 King George Blvd., in Surrey.

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