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5 Steps to a Christmas Gazebo

in Outdoor Living

Gazebo decorated for Christmas.jpeg

There’s nothing like fresh fallen snow to bring out the Christmas spirit. With just a few weeks to go before the holidays, now is the perfect time to decorate your gazebo or pergola for the season. Here are 5 simple steps to bring a little Christmas cheer to your yard.

  1. Cleaning--we’ve just come through the wettest fall on record and that means moss and algae as well as fallen leaves and debris. Give your gazebo a good sweep to remove leaves and twigs, followed by a wipe to wash away any dirt and grime. Put summer furniture into storage to clear the area.
  2. Check it over--Since you may need to be on top of your pergola to install things, or it may be bearing the extra weight of decorations and lights, you’ll want to make sure it is sturdy and undamaged.
  3. Seasonal lights--lights take on a magical quality at this time of year. Add strands of lights to your gazebo to add a warm glow or colourful twinkle. There are a lot of options for the arrangement. Highlight the outer perimeter of the roof; wrap strands around each of the supports; set them around the bottom to catch reflections in the snow; line the inner roof with several strands to light up everything underneath.
  4. Decorate the interior--if sitting outside in the winter isn’t your cup of tea, consider putting a Christmas tree in the middle or your gazebo. Decorate it with lights and ribbon and weatherproof ornaments. Add a theme, like a nativity scene, the North Pole, Santa’s workshop or other favourite Christmas decorations.
  5. Decorate the exterior--take down old planters or trappings of summer and replace them with wreaths or bows. Wrap tinsel, colourful ribbon or pine boughs around supports and railings.

Whether you go simple and elegant, or bright and bold, we hope you enjoy your Christmas gazebo or pergola this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Art Knapp. Check our webpage here for our holiday hours.

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